What People Say About Living in Dayton Ohio

A recent article in a syndicated business journal interviewed the senior director of the human resources department at a local Dayton company. Here’s what she said:

What Draws People To Make The Move To Dayton?

“I think it’s a combination:  it’s the job itself, the company, and the opportunity that’s provided as well as the culture. [In Dayton] there’s quite a bit to do, but it’s not such a big city that they have some of the challenges of living in a metropolitan area, such as commuting. […] the cost of living is very economical.  […] you can get quite a bit more than if you were in a cosmopolitan city.”

What Are The Typical Perceptions Among Your Recruits Of The Dayton Area?

“When they get here and see what’s available, they are positively surprised.  You can go to a Dayton Dragons game and not drop $100 if you went to a Yankees game.”

What Surprised You When You Moved Here From New York?

“People have been really friendly and nice and helpful.  That was a pleasant surprise.  It’s a lot flatter here than where I lived.”